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Question   gALLERY
Beautiful series on Route 66.

- Marcel Fernandez May 27, 2013

  Answer Thank you very much, Marcel. Please come back and visit me again in a couple months. I haven't had time to work on my photo editing in awhile and have SO many more photos to share!

- JudyAnn Rector  May 31, 2013

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Question   friendly praise
Super route 66 shots, the 'bottle rack' is great!

- Rudi Reiner May 26, 2013

  Answer Thanks so much for visiting, Rudi, and I am delighted you liked the 'bottle rack'! Please come back and visit once in awhile as this is a work in progress and I have tons yet to share.

- JudyAnn Rector  May 31, 2013

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Question   just a note
I'm glad I'm not the only one that has seen changes @ BP...I don't know what is going on but very dissapointed at the way it is being run...Hopefully in the future it will improve

- Douglas Pignet May 26, 2013

  Answer Yes, disappointed is definitely the right word, Doug. While hoping/waiting for things to get better, I am taking a step back from BP and looking around at some of the other photo sites available. I have been SO immersed in BP for so long I had no idea what else was available in the world of sharing and contests! Thanks for your on going support, Doug, and keep up the good work!

- JudyAnn Rector  May 31, 2013

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Question   Website
Wonderful website , Judy!! A pleasure to visit.

- Kathy Reeves May 24, 2013

  Answer Thank you very much for visiting, Kathy! I still have a long way to go so, please come back from time to time. I sincerely appreciate your input... Thanks again, JudyAnn

- JudyAnn Rector  May 24, 2013

  Answer I am loving this! I have only looked at the Texas slides, but I shall return! I fell for your historic topic long ago, but could never follow up on it. This is a brilliant undertaking, Judy and I'm confident you will do it justice. Thanks for your comment.

- Jim Baines  May 24, 2013

  Answer Howdy, Jim, and thank you for your wonderful note! I am SO happy you plan on visiting again and again because I have tons of images yet to share. I do not always have as much time as I would like for my photo work and research, but that will improve in the not so distant future. Bottom line is this project is just barely off the ground and it will be great to have your support as I move forward!

- JudyAnn Rector  May 31, 2013

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Question   You are well on your way, JudyAnn
So far I would say you have done an exceptional job JudyAnn. I think your book will be great. I have produced several but people are not buying. Guess the economy has to improve for art to sell again. Good luck and you are well organized and on your way.

- Emile Abbott April 09, 2013

  Answer Thank you for your thoughtful critique of my new site, Emile!

Please tell me more about your art books and where I can view them. I have very much enjoyed putting together books of my work for family and find it a thrill to see my work 'in print' whether for sale or not! lol You MUST have at least one of your books on your coffee table, yes?

Sadly, I agree with you about art not selling as it should, but, as artists, we must continue to put our best foot forward while encouraging the masses to see and appreciate the need for art in their lives.

Please come visit me again, Emile, I do value your input very much. JudyAnn

- JudyAnn Rector  May 24, 2013

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Question   on the beauty of your gallery
Gorgeous gallery girl, no longer on BP??

- JO ANN CLEVELAND April 09, 2013

  Answer Hey, JoAnn, thank you SO much for visiting my new site and I am delighted you enjoyed it! It is truly a labor of love...

Yes, I am still on BP though I have branched out, testing my wings a little here and there. Over the last few months I found myself wondering what other photo sites have to offer and decided not to have all my eggs in one basket so, time is more of a premium than ever!

You keep up your beautiful work, JoAnn, and come visit my work in progress now and then. Thanks again, my friend. JudyAnn

- JudyAnn Rector  May 24, 2013

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